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Tour to discover the birds

Amateur of birds and nature? Come for a walk in a wonderful journey to discover the birds of our village, alongside the Haute Somme’s ponds. The path begins in an ecological parking, near an old train station, and immediately dives into a wooded area along the Somme river. 

You will be able to admire a rich aquatic and terrestrial wildlife, among an exceptional panorama. 

After a short kilometer, take place in our wooded observatory and enjoy the 250° view of the landscape. You will find numerous descriptions and information on the wildlife and the plants of Somme, to learn about our heritage and especially how to protect it. 

During this tour, you will walk alongside the “Tortillard”, former railway line between Albert and Péronne. This train was the main transport to Péronne for a lot of residents before the emergence of cars and the construction of the North canal. 

This wooded place is also marked by the village’s history. It shelters the remaining of the last castle of Cléry sur Somme. This castle played a major part in our history: linked to the one in Péronne by underground tunnels, it gave to the village its motto « Nul s’y frotte ».

Be ready to discover, in this unique location, history and nature closely linked.

The conservatory realized the management plan for this natural space. The inventories allowed to observe 122 species of plants and 150 animal’s species. Among them, 37 are extremely rare and in danger of disappearing.

Fishing actions

Fishing is one of the main activities in Cléry sur Somme, thanks to a great stretch of water. The municipality makes available for its residents a fishing ground in free access, and for the passionate, you will find a fishing reserved area (with yearly or daily accesses).


You like to ride in bike? Come discover our village alongside Somme’s Véloroute. With its 125 km of bicycle path linking Ham to the beautiful Baie de Somme, this Véloroute allows you to roam the various and welcoming landscapes of Somme.

Somme’s Véloroute goes through our village following the Somme’s canal, with a sunny itinerary in the morning and some shadows in the afternoon. You can admire the wildlife and the plants of Somme’s valley, including the numerous swan families, while riding your bike.

The Véloroute will welcome you also for walks, with stroller for the youngest, to enjoy a picnic near the water. 

Coming near Sormont’s floodgate, you can take the direction of Cléry sur Somme. After a kilometer, you will see the ponds of Haute Somme, its numerous animals and few fishermen.

The hikes

The borders of the ponds offer a lot of families’ hikes, going from Omiècourt to Sormont’s floodgate. To this point, you can borrow the towpath going to Péronne or going to Feuillères. The site is flat, and the paths are shaded. You can take a walk alongside the Somme’s canal!

Going towards Péronne, you can join Allaines or Biaches.

Those hikes are not marked.

If you want to go through marked paths around the village, you can find them following those links: