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The church's history

Cléry’s church, which existed until World War I, was built in the XVth century. The sides were built in the XIIth century, and the roofing framework is dated from the XVIth century, as well as a portal added under Louis XVI.

This building was in a terrible state since 1867, time when the architect Delefortrie studied a project of rebuild of the nave and the choir. Those repairs were realized in 1873 or 1874. The cemetery, located around the church at the time, was transferred in 1891. 

In 1919, after the church destruction, while waiting for its reconstruction, the cult was ensured in a temporary church, installed in a prefabricated building type Nissen.

The reconstruction’s project is studied by Jacques Debat-Ponsan’s architects agency (Amiens and Paris), associated to the architects P. Leprince-Ringuet and Paul Tissier. The first project plans an edifice of an area around 700m² (the old church was only 530m²), and is rejected for this reason. The decoration of the old building was really simple and it is planned to have a new church a bit more rich.

The final project (the plans dates from December 10, 1926, estimated for 907 909,90 Francs on January 5, 1927) is realized after prefectoral authorization from March 1928, on adjudication in April 24, 1928, from 1931 to 1933 by Trevisan’s company (in Agen) for the masonry and paintings, and the company Rochoux-Delanty (in Albert), for the coverage.

The final reception, June 27, 1937, is delayed due to major defects in the roofing. The actual’s poor condition of the church is the consequence of those original defects.

The presbytery

The presbytery is rebuilt in 1875, based on the plans of the architect Zéphyr Prévost (Mont Saint Quentin).

Destroyed during World War I, it is the object of three consecutive projects of reconstruction, led by the architect Emmanuel Chaine (Péronne): in 1922, a first project of identical reconstruction, followed in 1923 by a second project more ambitious and finally, in 1926, a third project more modest is defined. The renovation works begun in 1928, and were finished in 1929.

List of priests in the presbytery:

  • Abbot Houdan (retire)
  • Abbot Clarboot (last in activity in Cléry, Curlu and Feuillières)
  •  Abbot Vion

To this day, the presbytery belongs to Cléry sur Somme commune, who reestablished it as a classroom for the village’s elementary school.