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Longue Paume society

The Longue Paume is a game of gain ground. The ground is shaped as a palm.

This game, originated from France, is very practiced between the Middle Age and the XVIII century, in France as well as in Europe.

The Longue Paume gave birth to numerous other ball games, such as the tambourine’s ball, the fistball…

This game was classified in the French’s intangible cultural heritage in 2012.

Football US Cléry sur Somme

The US Clery sur Somme was created in 1979 by Mr. Van Hecke and Mr. Remy.

In 2020, the club is in D6, group H.

Cléry hobbies

Cléry’s associations are currently in creation.

Veteran's association

Cléry’s veterans are tied since a few years to a cantonal branch. 

Indeed, local branch from Moislains, Doingt-Flamicourt, Cléry sur Somme, Mesnil-Bruntel and from Péronne have gathered in cantonal sections for veterans, united under the banner ACPG-CATM, (translated Veterans and war prisoners – fighters from Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco).

This section aims to organize the commemorations, and to prolong the duty of remembrance.