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Clery sur Somme

The Latest news in Clery sur somme

A few words about the village

Located in the Somme’s valley, Clery sur Somme is a village near the ponds.

Green landscapes in a natural protected area, the village offers remarkable point of views on the Somme, and allows everyone to dedicate its time to fishing, hike and relax! You can easily appreciate the landscapes offered by the municipality, and enjoy a moment in the open air with your family!

If you are interested in the culture and history, Clery sur Somme is located near the route of remembrance. Many museums and memorials are based in the municipality of Clery, built in memory of World War One.

To know more about our beautiful village:

Coming to Cléry sur Somme

Located at 75 km from Lille, 130 km from Paris, near the Haute Picardie train station, Cléry sur Somme is served by the A1 highway, with an exit located in Albert-Péronne Nord (exit 13.1).

The village is crossed by the departmental road D938, coming from Péronne-Albert and by the Véloroute of Somme.

The bus lign n°746 from Péronne-Albert also allows coming to our village.