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Do not touch it!

You can address directly town hall, who will contact the mine-clearing authority. If possible, thanks to provide one or several pictures of the objects, as well as their position on your property, so it can be handled the best way possible by the mine-clearing expert.

Come directly to town hall with your family record book, to inform your wish to register your child at our school. 

If the parents are divorced or separated, you will have to bring a written agreement from the other parent.

The wedding in Cléry sur Somme’s town hall is possible if:

  • – You are a resident of the municipality (or a relative), 
  • – You are a resident for more than a month.


If you fulfil the requirements, you have to come at least 3 months before the wedding for the administrative formalities.

To do so, thanks to fill in the following documents:

Joint statement PACS

PACS agreement

Bring them to town hall with a copy of the birth certificate from the 2 people involved issued within the last 3 months, a copy of each one’s ID document and a proof of address.
Thank you to take note of the different documents on the PLU:

03 – PLU Approval – zoning plan 6000.pdf

03 – PLU Approval – zoning plan 2000

04 – PLU Approval – rules

The PPFR (Plan for Prevention of Flooding’s Risks), prefectoral decree from August 2, 2012, is retrievable in town hall. All the documents regarding work declarations can be downloaded below, in the section “downloadable materials”.
Fill in the following file:

Registration form for voters list

You can drop it in town hall, with an ID document and a proof of address.

All the documents regarding the creation or the renewal of identity papers are downloadable below, in the section “Downloadable materials”.

Take note of the decree on noises: Decree on noises Take note of departmental health regulations: RSD_80 V2 – Part 1 RSD_80 V2 -Part 2

Downloadable materials

Urban planning - Construction works

Receipt of the deposit for prior declaration

Statement for site opening

Building permit application or development permit application 

Statement testifying the end and conformity of works

Receipt of the deposit for an amendment to a permit delivered and still valid

Permit application and other urban planning authorizations 

Identity papers​

National Identity Card



Population census

The population census in Cléry sur Somme took place in 2019. To this day, the municipality can not communicate on the subject, due to a lake of synthesis.

Military or citizen census

Every French citizen, from the age of 16 years old, girls as well as boys, should spontaneously go to his municipal town hall for census.